The Story of the Warriors Bologna

The history of the Warriors American football team of Bologna spans a 25 year period that includes many ups and downs, but always a constant spirit. Founded in 1981, the Warriors soon became a top team in the Italian League. They lost the 1983 championship game to the Rhinos after leading with 40 seconds left, and lost another final in 1984. The Warriors finally won their first Italian championship in 1986 in front of 26,000 fans in the Dall’Ara Stadium in Bologna.

The existence of a second Bologna team, the Doves, created an intense and exciting cross town rivalry, but eventually the division of talent, sponsors, and fans made success for either team more difficult.

The late 1980’s into the late 1990s was a decade of continual change for American football in Bologna. The Warriors merged with the (their cross town rival Bologna) Doves in 1989. In the mid 90s the team joined a 7 man arena league, and through the late 90s played in 8 and 11 man leagues, under different names (Bologna Rebels, and the Virtus American Football Team).

In 2003, the team decided to restore the Warriors name and gradually re-capture the tradition and popularity of American football in Bologna. The team joined the Silver League (Series B) and reached the quarter finals. In 2004 the Warriors moved up to the Series A League with the objective of developing a young team, led by a core group of veteran players. The team set goals for 2005 of continued improvement and reaching the playoffs.

In January 2005, the societies of the Warriors A.S.D. and the Virtus A.F.T. formed a new sport organization to cooperate in the management of both Serie A and youth teams.
In the 2005 season, the Serie A team reached the Italian Superbowl, losing to the Bergamo Lions, and was ranked 11th in Europe, while the Under 21 team reached the quarterfinals of the playoffs.

The year 2006 has seen us rejoin the top flight, reaching the playoffs, you have to succumb in the future champions Italy semi-final, ready recourse Cadet Under-21 Championship, which has seen our company 'win the Italian title for the first time achieved by young people. Obviously you and 'continued with the work of creation of new recruits by participating in the Under-17 Championship.

Much like the situation in 2007, we participated in the top division in this case reaching the playoffs, but this time coming more and eliminated in the quarterfinals by eventual winners Italy.
With the under 21 and you 'Riper tried to exploit the previous year, and they' reached the final of the time, unfortunately, totally abandons emerged defeated and therefore deserve the title of vice-Italy 2007.
Year still full of activities 'related to the youth, who saw the explosion of attendance is in the Under 17 Under 15 in which more and more' stiff and thick.

2008 and 'a special year for football in Italy, but with the usual abbiamodeciso our spirit to deal with our Serie A with maximum effort, not one American in the field if not for the two coaches, and guidance of Dan Simrell we reached after a "Perfect Season" in the final, who unfortunately has succumbed to the fistula Hogs, humiliation immediately remedied with the Under-21 youth championship which saw us victorious in their final against the Hogs.

Finally in 2009 the Warriors fall in the great American football around with the annexation to IFL, the national championship with American players. In addition, many commitments to develop youth projects.
From the technical point of view the season banishes the warriors last place. Even partially justified by the lower number of foreigners in the team, shows a lack of esperenza by many young people who make up the training.
The youth sector is still developing and the number of boys in white / blue increases dramatically.
The warriors greatly increases and projects for 2010 will be important.

2010 come; more experience in the championship of the young warriors grows game by game, 6 games in a row saw the Warriors lose, then win the last two at the end of the regular season.
Second lowest, but the clear conviction that the team will only grow.
There are so many athletes who enrolled necessary re organize a second team in Serie B, which will serve as a reservoir for the first team in the future. Only society in Italy with two teams playing at the same time, a huge commitment to leadership.
The youth continues to develop to the point that it becomes necessary to create the first school of football: the Warriors Academy, for boys aged 13 and older, an opportunity to learn football, practical and theoretical resonance that amplifies the Warriors name means the national scene.
The team has established and will be ready for next season.

2011: This year the society terraced two teams in two different leagues like the previous year, are renewed part of the coaching staff and Vincenza Argondizzo Mario takes the reins of the Serie A Mangiafico while Toni plays the same role in the Football Championship in 9.
The results speak for themselves in football to 9 you get to play in the Conference final against the eventual champions lost in Italy, Serie A was demolished in the record of consecutive wins after a Perfect Season and the Warriors will have to settle for title Vice champions of Italy.

For the youth we proceed with the same spirit of growth that has always marked our team, both teams have to play it off, and in both cases are eliminated by the coming Italian chanpions.

2012 .... new adventure